Gian Maria Tosatti was born in Rome in 1980. He lives and works between Naples and New York. He completed his training in the performative field at the Center for the Experimentation and the Theatrical Research of Pontedera. In 2005 he returned to Rome to embark on a journey in the field of connection between architecture and visual arts, realizing mainly large site-specific installations. His projects, usually, are long-term investigations on the concept of identity, both on a political and a spirtual level. The first cycles of works they have developed are “Devozioni” (2005-2011) – ten installations for ten buildings in Rome on the archetypes of the modern era – and “Paesaggi” (2006-), a public art project in the areas of Conflict . (2011), based on the identification of the archetypes of the contemporary era, and the «considerazioni…», a cycle dedicated to the puzzles that reside in the personal memory. Between 2013 and 2016, his research focused on a seven-part work that inhabited the entire city of Naples entitled “Seven Seasons of the Spirit”. Tosatti is also a journalist. He has been editor of the weekly “La Differenza” and has collaborated with many Italian newspapers as a columnist. He is a columnist for Artribune and writes about Opera Viva. He writes essays on art and politics. In 2011 he edited RELOAD, prototype of urban cultural intervention on the temporary reuse of unproductive spaces and is the founder of the project “La Costruzione di una Cosmologia”.