Michele Guido was born in Aradeo (Lecce, Italy) in 1976. He lives and works in Milan. In 1999 he attended the Centro T.A.M. directed by Eliseo Mattiacci. After completing his studies at the Accademia di Brera in 2002, he immediately took a Master’s course in Landscape Design. Michele Guido has been carrying out research for years focusing on the relationship between nature and architectural space, his work path has been defined around the theme of the garden as a place that combines the natural element with the mental imprint. The garden is the object of an in-depth analytical investigation that breaks down the spatial perception of the real looking for new possible connections and correspondences. In his work emerges a research based on the relationship between history, architecture and the nature.

In one of the studios of the Casa degli Artisti in Milan, he organised in 2001, together with Jole de Sanna and Hidetoshi Nagasawa: “Discussione Aperta: Il concetto di Ma”. “His recent work has focused on the garden which combines nature with an intellectual approach. Using different media and materials, he makes works which reveal the relationship between architecture, history and images of nature” (Laura Cherubini). He Took part in the residency project “Made in Filandia” in 2011 and received the “Rotary Club Prize” in 2010, while the previous year he won the prize for young sculptors awarded by Fondazione A. Pomodoro. His recent solo shows include the following: “opera delocalizzata garden project_2014” at the museo Carlo Zauli end museo M.I.C. di Faenza, “z2o garden project” in 2009 and “02.02.13 garden project” in 2013 at the Sara Zanin, Rome. His main collective shows include the following: “Biennale del disegno. Krobilos”, FAR (Rimini 2014); “Senza titolo”, Lia Rumma Gallery (Naples 2013); “Botanica”, Fondation Plart (Naples, 2011); Segnare/Disegnare, Accademia San Luca (Rome 2009); “International Prize for young sculptors”, Fondation A. Pomodoro (Milan 2008).