The installation “The sick child” by the Russian artist Ilya Kabakov displayes in the Lia Rumma gallery in Naples. Kabakov reconstructs an apartment within the gallery comprising two small rooms. The first room, which one enters through a narrow door, represents a small petit bourgeois drawing room furnished with traditional objects, rather ordinary and out of fashion: an old armchair, an old bookcase, an old table with a faded tablecloth.
The spectator continues towards the second room with the impression that there was nothing happening in the first room and nothing to see. One finds oneself facing a white curtain which divides the room. By moving the curtain, one comes into the second part of the room. In the middle of the room there is a bed with a pillow and a duvet; beside the bed is a plain chair, while on the other side is the main object in the installation: a puppet theatre lit from the inside, with moving puppets. The movement is accompanied by music and voices. The spectator can sit on the chair or even on the bed and watch the show. Clearly the theatre is for the sick child. The reassuring and composed atmosphere is designed to disappear rapidly.