Sette Stagioni dello Spirito (Seven Seasons of the Spirit) is a big work in seven chapters made in Naples between 2013 and 2016 like a large symphony for citizens and town.
The task of the project was to make a trip in the human soul between the extreme limits of good and evil. It have been an investigation on the entire spectrum of the spirit, made in the body of what is the human city par excellence.
The seven works have been made in seven big historical and monumental buildings of Naples that were in state of abandon and decay. So the project activated a great urban operation that allowed the artist to give back to the instiutions of the town those building in safe conditions to be open and used again.
The project have been organized and promoted by Fondazione Mora, with the support of Lia Rumma Gallery and the Madre museum, in collaborations with all the institutions of the territory.