GAM, Torino
MADRE, Napoli

Un giorno così bianco, così bianco (So white a day ) marks the culmination of a project uniting three museums, the MAXXI in Rome, the GAM in Turin and the MADRE in Naples: a single title for three exhibitions that explore the variety and depth of the artistic practice of Ettore Spalletti, who over forty years has traversed the most significant phases of the history of international art, developing an original language capable of creating a dialogue between modernity and classicism, painting, sculpture and architecture.
This threefold exhibition is the artist’s most complete retrospective, a project that can rightfully be termed, in its institutional plurality, as “republican.” Each exhibition is independent, conceived by the artist in dialogue with the exhibition spaces of the various museums, but also as a chapter of a story that unites the different landscapes of our country or, as the artist himself states, its different “lights.”